January 20, 2010

Learning to Sew

I have decided to try and expand my creativity and begin some professional sewing classes! I am very excited about this!!! I know the basics of how to sew, by hand and by machine but I have only taught myself and feel as though I am missing out many different sewing aspects.

My journey will consist of two classes a week for four weeks, I will be sharing with you my finished projects and probably venting the frustration that comes along with learning any new hobby. The items that I will be making are:


Shopping Bag


Decorative Pillow or Pillow Case

Pajama Bottoms or Wrap Skirt

My classes begin next Monday evening...so here's hoping I have a few things to share with you when I get home. Looking forward to taking you on my journey, if anybody has any tips or stories they would like to share about sewing please post your comments below, Thanks!

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