December 30, 2009

Free Pattern: Mens Sleek Toque

Here is a very sleek and simple men's hat for the guy in your life. Nothing fancy here, just a straight knit. What I like about this design is that it can be both dressy and casual depending on what you pair it off with. I used Bernat Super Value yarn but would spend the extra money next time for a better quality yarn maybe a blend.

5mm (US #8) circular needles (60cm)
1 set 5mm (US #8) DPNs


Cast on 80 sts using 5mm (US #8) circular needles.

Row 1: Knit in the round (Join work together into a round at this point. Take care not to twist stitches). Knit till end of round. Place marker at beginning of round.

Continue knitting every round until work measures 6 1/2 inches.

Shape Crown:

Next round: *k2tog, k18, rep from * to end of round.
Next round: *k2tog, k17, rep from * to end of round.
Next round: *k2tog, k16, rep from * to end of round.

Continue in this way reducing knit stitches between decreases by 1 stitch on each subsequent round until only 8 sts left. You will need to change to DPNs.

Next round: k2tog 4 times. (4 sts rem)

Draw yarn through all 4 stitches, pull tightly and sew in loose ends on wrong side.

That's it you're done!


  1. You make it sound so eay! I'll have to try it :)

  2. I am also a young avid knitter and I must say, I love visiting your blog!

  3. Thanks! I love hearing that you enjoy my blog!!! :)

  4. hi! how do you stop the end from curling up? I'm not done yet, but so far so good.

  5. I love making this hat! I'm about half way done! How did you stop the end from curling up? Thank you!

  6. Hi!
    Slightly block the ends with a wet cloth and iron...just lightly, not too much.

  7. Where is the gauge?
    Or what is the gauge?

  8. Hi! So I'm making this hat for my boyfriend, but something strange happened when I changed from circular needles to dpns. I kept stitching like normal to get the stock knit look, but all of a sudden it changed into a purl! making a strange line all the way around the hat...

    Did it do that when you changed to double pointed?

  9. You just do straight knitting, not a combo of knit & purl?

  10. It's a combo of knit and purl, I've found.

  11. so I have the right size needles (23 in. #8),
    but once I cast on and then knit it one way through...
    but the work doesn't reach both sides so I can't join them..
    maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

  12. I just keep going in the circle--extend the knitting as if it doesn't end. Does that make sense?

  13. if you got a purl round - you prob picked it up backwards after setting it down. It should be st st with all just knitting.

  14. Thanks for this! It is so hard to find a simple men's hat pattern! What do you recommend to convert this to a slouchy hat?

    1. Instead of knitting it to 6 1/2" continue longer before you began to decrease. It depends on how "slouchy" you want it but you could add maybe an extra 4" if you'd like, then you could decrease. Thanks!

  15. I've made 2 of these hats and the recipients absolutely love them. The yarn I used is snowflake wool blend, double strand and size 8 circular 16" and the size is perfect from hobby lobby. 2 skeins with double strand made 2 hats. Thanks for the pattern!

  16. I'm "de-stashing" because I just have too much yarn (like there is such a thing, right?)and not enough room. So, I've decided to knit hats, mitts and scarves, and donate them to the firehall for distribution come Christmas time. Is it okay to use this pattern for that purpose? I'd love to get some of my friends doing the same, and there is a large bag of donated yarn in our co-op coffee room, but some of them aren't really confident knitters. Can I also pass this pattern along so that we can all add to the "Box of Warmth"?