December 21, 2009

Character Cake Transfer

Another way I try to safe money is by making my own birthday cakes! I started doing this for my son's second birthday, I had bought him a Toy Story cake that looked fantastic but tasted absolutely horrible. Luckily I had made a Buzz Lightyear cake also which was a big hit.

We had my nephew's birthday this past Sunday, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted me to make and he said Spiderman. I was pleased with having to make Spiderman due to his basic form.

You will all be amazed at how simple this is to do, and the kids just love it!!!

You will need:

Cake mix, store bought or homemade
Icing, store bought or homemade
Wilton's Black tube icing (this stuff is extra thick and great for the outline)
Colouring Book outline of your character or design
Wax paper
Food colouring
Cutting Board
Plastic Baggies
Bake Pan
Mixing Bowls and spoons

To begin take your colouring page outline and tape it face up on a cutting board. Tear a sheet of wax paper and tape over top of the colouring page. Set aside.

Mix your icing, divide into amounts needed for each colour, them add food colouring to create desired colours. Place in seperate plastic baggies with the tips cut off. You have to remember to start with an outline then work in dimensions.

eg. For Spiderman I did the outline first, then the web on his face, then the red for his face.
Just remember you will be flipping and transferring!

Return to your prepped colour page and begin your outline, and any other lines needed. Then keep adding the colours in a reverse order. Like I said before for Spiderman's face I did the outline, his web then completely covered it in red icing.

When you have completed all the colours and detail, place in the freezer overnight to harden.

The next day, usually the day of the party of day before prepare and bake your cake. Make sure it is completely cool before adding the transfer or all your icing will melt together!!!

Once your cake is made I it in whatever background colour you want. Remove the transfer from your freezer and remove the wax paper right away. Becareful when peeling because some icing may begin to flake. Once the wax paper is removed, untape the paper from the cutting board and flip your transfer to your cake! Voila! Your finished! Refrigerate until a couple hours before party and serve at room temp.


  1. WOW! This is really. I'll have to remember this, for my son's birthday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're Welcome! You won't believe how easy it is to do!!! Enjoy!