December 28, 2009


Hey everyone! Hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas. My Christmas was fantastic, it was so joyful to see my son, niece and nephew get so excited about Santa and his really brings back the magic of the season!

This is the perfect time of year for knitting, the weather is cold and terrible and makes for a perfect excuse to curl up by the fire and knit to your hearts content. I love it!!!

One item that my dad was wanting for Christmas but I never got around to starting was a winter toque, something simple, yet attractive. So today I will take the time to sit down and figure out what the is going to look like. I'm thinking black or navy blue, probably black though because it is more versatile. Maybe a simple rib pattern for the cuff and then to finish it off a basic cable...hmmm, well we'll see. Better get to it! Enjoy the holiday's, and happy knitting!!!

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