December 10, 2009

10 Free Goodies for Mommies or Grand Mommies!

As you all know I am a thrifty mom, so when I came across these little freebies I thought must share them with you guys!!! Never hurts to save a buck or two :)

1. Go to to get a free sample of 3, yes I said 3 free Pure and Natural diapers.

2. Go to, printcardlanding to download free cards that your kids can colour and decorate.

3. Go to the Huggies website to get a free DVD to make potty training easier

4. Go to to request a free potty training kit that includes, coupons, stickers, training pants, progress chart and a Dora or Diego trophy.

5. If you are looking for some cool holiday craft ideas go to, you can also sign up for a free monthly newsletter that includes coupons and more!

6. Sign up to and receive free samples.

7. Go to to use electronic party invitations!

8. Free printable worksheets for your kids ti practise on at

9. Join the Nestle Baby program and receive a backpack filled with free samples and a change pad.

10. Go to to request a free sample of nighttime training pants, they work great.

Hope you enjoy these little freebies as much as I will!

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