November 19, 2009

Waiting Room Knitting Club!

My dad had his surgery today, everything went according to plan and he is recovering well. As I was waiting for him to have his surgery I had to wait in the busy waiting room for a few hours. I was actually surprised at how many people were knitting and crocheting including myself. I counted over the course of about seven hours, eight or so women quietly knitting/crocheting away. It was amazing to see the beautiful works of art that were being created almost effortlessly. The women were drawn to each other, there were two in particular that were sitting beside each other sharing tips and flipping through each others knitting magazine's, then parted ways as their names were called. It just seems so natural and comforting to be surrounding by people that have the same interests as myself and others. Note to self for next time, "bring more knitting!!!" I had under estimated the amount of time I would be waiting for my father and finished my knitting within the first couple of hours, I don't want to see another celeb magazine for a long, long, time!

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  1. Knitting can be very calming. Just the idea that you are being productive when there is "noting that you can do" has helped me through 3 babies in the ICU. In fact, last night it made me feel better as my dad went to the ER. (Like yours, he is fine now.) I just stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and I am excited to try some of your knitting patterns (snowmen here I come!)