November 15, 2009

Ten Healthy Foods For Your Kids!

I try to be as health conscious as possible not only for myself but especially for my son. So here is a list of 10 of my fave healthy choices from my little mans menu!

1. Baby Carrots-This has been my sons all time favourite since he started eating solids. Carrots are full of beta-carotene and are super handy to grab as a quick snack.

2. Broccoli-Broccoli is full of calcium, vitamin C and A. If your tot is not a fan you can hide it in pasta, on pizza or mix it in mash potatoes. Try it steamed too!

3. Eggs-Probably second to baby carrots on my sons fave list, eggs are full of protein and vitamin D. I hard boil a bunch at a time so they are just ready to grab when hungry strikes!

4. Pizza-This single item covers three food groups, grain, dairy and veggies. The options are endless with all the different pizza types you can create. Kids can even help prepare by topping their own mini pizzas with there favorite individual items.

5. Yogurt-Full of calcium, try to stick to plain flavours to avoid all the sugars. Look for brands that have live or active cultures that provide more health benefits.

6. Whole Wheat Bread-So fiber rich! Key is to introduce whole wheat breads, pastas, rice etc at a young age so children get use to it and you don't have to transition them.

7. Cheese-Once again full of calcium, you can use cheese as a topping to disguise foods that your children may not usually eat, like Brussels sprouts.

8. Potatoes-Potatoes are full of fiber and potassium. Slice and bake them as an option instead of unhealthy french fries.

9. Whole Grain Cereal-Fortified cereals include numerous healthy vitamins. Cereal is great first thing in the morning topped with fresh fruit. Breakfast is super important for the body and is needed to function properly throughout the day.

10. Mixed Veggies (frozen)-choose frozen instead of canned to avoid preservatives. They are easy to add as a side or to toss in a soup or rice dish.

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