November 18, 2009

Snake Hat

I was trying to think up some new ideas. It seems like a lot of the knits I have designed are directed more so towards girls rather than boys. So I decided to create something that I knew little boys and maybe even some bigger boys would adore!!! I am really pleased how this turned out and is actually made to fit a 3-6 month old.

Time for yet another busy weekend. My dad has yet another show, this time at the Simcoe County Museum. Unfortunately he will not be able to attend due to the fact that he is under going surgery tomorrow morning. So I am on my father is a very talented artist among other things and has created a beautiful Christmas C.D. plus a few other C.D.'s that I will be selling for him. Needless to say I will probably be doing a lot of knitting at this show, just like many craft shows you have a lot of time to "catch up" on a few projects. I have a couple of orders I will complete for Monday then I will start some new projects, I still have to get those leg warmers under way...hmmm what else can I come up with?


  1. I must say that you do beautiful work love the stuff you make

  2. Great hat, I know what you mean about the lack of boy stuff. I always knit at shows too, it's amazing how some people look at me like they've never seen anyone knitting before. amazing...and sad.

  3. Thanks,
    you are so right about how people stare! Lol. People walk by with their heads turned as if I'm from outer space. I don't really know if it's good or bad. People also comment because of my age, they say things like "Aren't you too young to be knitting?" which is sad because a lot of people my age never learned to use their hands like generations before.

  4. Thats funny. My couusin couldnt believe how I taught my aunt and MIL to knit this weekend. I thought younger people were knitting more these days?

  5. I Think boys would also love some type of a sport
    like a basebal I dont know knitting to much so don't know if that is doable, but i know for sure that my son loves snakes and if he still was a kid he would want that ;)

  6. This is a really great knit hat...what a cute snake! Great work!

    Jenn (free Christmas crafts ebook!)