November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

I had a great time last night trick or treating with my little man and his cousins. My son was a monkey, my Nephew was Buzz light year and my little Niece was a beautiful ladybug. I am amazed at how little fear my son shows towards the horror of Halloween. He seems intrigued by it all and is almost in awe. He loved going door to door last night but I don't think he fully understood the concept 100%. Some houses he would walk up to the front door and just stand behind his cousins, then would walk away before receiving one ounce of candy.
At one house the lady had taken his bag to put a few candies inside and he just walked away saying thank you even though she was still holding his pumpkin bag. It is so sweet to see the innocence of these children and the pure joy that they endure. Now I guess it is time to start putting away all the ghosts and goblins and in a couple of weeks we will begin digging out the Christmas items to display. I can't wait until this holiday season and to see his little face when all the festive activities begin, I just love it!
Here is another project that I completed over the weekend, I am very pleased with the colour on this hat I think that it turned out well!

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