November 10, 2009

Chores, chores, and more there ever an end???

Don't you just love house cleaning, especially when you have a two year old following behind you pulling all the toys out of the toy box that you just neatly tucked away. It seems like the chores are never ending, dog hair, dirty laundry, crayon in the grout of the ceramic tile...oh the joys of motherhood!!! The funny thing is I am a bit anal about keeping a clean house but I rarely ever have any company over to see my house!!! I guess it's more for my own sanity than anything elses!!!

So that is what my day consisted of... now it is time to design...I have a few things on my mind, a friend of mine asked me to knit a pair of baby mittens so I will probably start with that, then I was thinking I should do something Christmasy ( that is not a word but I like it :) then after that or maybe before I am thinking of some awesome leg warmers maybe something with a cable...yeah! Something you can wear over tights with a pair of fitted boots...

I know sounds 70's/ 80's ish but they are actually making a come back and are the in thing right now, that and a shag vest, I kid you not! Now I don't think I can personally pull off a shag vest but the leg warmers is a definite.

Time to get at it, oh and by the way my wavy scarf is complete and looks fantastic just the right length to function under a jacket or to wrap around like a funky cowl. The other pic posted is for a relative that asked me to make a winter hat for her and another to fit her baby daughter, I call it my "Mommy and Me Combo". Last but definitely not least, a pic of my little man sound asleep beside me as I write this post:) Love.

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  1. If you find a good leg warmer pattern for a 5year old let me know. I want to make one for my little dancer buut cant find a real cute one. (: