November 25, 2009

Cherished Hand Me Downs

I am so thankful to have thoughtful people in my life, at times it feels like I am surrounded by them. About a year and a half ago when I felt like my life was spiraling downward yet again, I decided to make a change.
I am very much an introvert and feel comfort in my home, I am the type of person that could easily become a recluse in a remote area and live off the land without ever looking back.
The change I decided to make was to join a workout class. Little did I know that I would be about 30-40 years younger than the other classmates. After walking into the gym and seeing everyone, I thought to myself "how is this going to benefit me?" The title of the class was "Gentle Strength and Stretch" and after having my son about 6 months earlier I thought this is what I needed to get back in shape but then second guessed it when I saw the people that surrounded me.
The first session was about an hour and a half in length and I will tell you by the end of that class I was sweating like a pig, partly because I was out of shape but mostly do to the fact that I had a wonderful instructor who treated us all as individuals and knew that I was more capable than the elderly others.
A year and a half later having never looked back I am probably in the best shape of my life, being surrounded by people that are generations older than me, comforts me and I know that I walked into that gym room for a reason!
Unfortunately for me and for the others in my class our instructor is moving on with her career, I am happy for her and wish her all the best.
Yesterday as I pulled into the parking lot she opened the trunk of her car and handed me a bag full of 17 hand knit sweaters that she had made for her children many years ago. She had been saving them for someone special and that someone is my son! I am so grateful and thankful that there are people like her in my life, she defines true kindness!

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  1. this story warmed my heart so much!!! plus the photo of how happy and blessed your son is something to store in my mind as a happy memory!! PLUS, it makes me realize, go get dressed and make it to the gym. we have a gentle stretch class too and the elderly members enjoy it so much! ( I've been too reserved to go, I am almost 50 and still would be 20 yrs. younger!!)