October 7, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Pinata

So I am having my son's second birthday this weekend and was trying to think of some fun things to do at his party. I haven't done Paper Mache in a long time so figured I'd make a Jack-O-Lantern Pinata for him. He really loves pumpkins, ghost and all the ghoulish things that go along with Halloween so I know he'll get a bang out of this and and so will his cousins.

This is really easy and if you have older kids they can help or do it themselves. Here are the instructions:

Things You'll Need:

Big balloon
Several newspapers torn into 2" strips
Paint brushes
Orange paint
Black paint
Brown or green paint
Straight pin
Candy for inside

Making a Pumpkin Pinata
  1. Step 1 Cover your work area with newspapers. This can get pretty messy. Blow up your balloon till it is as large as you think it will go.

Step 2

  1. Mix flour with water until you have a pasty consistency. You want the mixture smooth enough to run paper through, but not runny. Run strips through the mixture and begin covering your balloon with the strips running from top to the bottom. You can cut a circle out of an empty cereal carton to use as a work station to hold balloon upright. Make three or four layers on the balloon, alternating directions. Cut a toilet paper roll in half and place on the tied part of the balloon as stem, add paper around this to secure it.

    Step 3
  2. Let the covered balloon to dry for at least 48 hours.

    Decorating the Pinata

    Step 1
  3. When the strips are dry pop the balloon inside with a pin in the stem (toilet paper roll opening) and remove it. First paint white to help cover the newsprint. Once the white paint dries, do two coats of Orange paint you can also paint the stem green at this point. When that dries design your face with marker. Paint eyes, nose, and mouth black to look like they are cut out of pinata. Then do a last coat of orange around pumpkin and paint stem green or brown. You can highlight eyes, nose and mouth in yellow to make them stand out. Outline everything in black to finish. You can add the candy inside by pouring it in the toilet paper roll stem.

    Step 2
  4. Use a pin to pierce a few holes in the top on the pinata then fish wire through hole to hang.

    Step 3 Fill the pumpkin with candy and let the kids loose! In a way it will be somewhat painful watching the kids bash in my pumpkin after all the work I've done but in the end it will be all worth it! Enjoy!!!

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