October 28, 2009

Snowflake Hat

I had started this hat a few weeks ago and have just now finally finished it. The pattern I was following seemed to have a couple of mistakes in it so I had to alter the hat quite a bit to get the finished product. I find it really frustrating when you find a pattern that you like get about half way finished then run into mistakes in the pattern. Anyhow it is now complete, I think I will add an inner fleece lining to keep my little guy extra warm. This hat is too big for my son as you can see from the photos but will probably be a good fit next year. I felt badly taken the pictures of my little guy as he is not feeling that great today, but he didn't seen to mind too much.

I have also added a Halloween cake photo that I had made for a get together we had last weekend. It was really easy to make and lots of fun for the kids. They got a real kick of picking the little spiders off of the cake before they dug in!

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