October 1, 2009

Free Pattern: Gypsy Scarf

This is 100% my own design. I was getting board with your everyday basic scarf patterns, even simple strips can be somewhat boring. So I decided to funk it up a bit with this chunky mismatched striped design. I tried to use what I already had for yarns so it would keep my cost down. I rummaged through my yarn drawers and grabbed all my thick yarns that had some texture and character. I did not do a gauge for this pattern ( as if i ever do! ) it is not needed.

Using size 9mm or 10mm sized needles cast on 30 stitches. You can cast on as many or as little stitches as you desire this pattern is fool proof. Knit in stockinette stitch ( or whatever you choose ) for about 10 0r 15 rows of your first color of choice, then all you do it change colours! Knit desired width of stripe then change again. I choose to do a thick stripe then skinny etc... try to keep it funky and fun, the sky is the limit with this pattern. Knit till scarf measures about 40"-50" or whatever length suits you best. Bind off. Voila! One of a kind.


  1. What a great idea for using up remnants of yarn that are just plain getting in the way! Thx for the free scarf idea!

  2. Thanks for the idea!Definitelya great stash buster.