October 14, 2009

Free Pattern: Baby Stork Sack ( Cocoon )

I LOVE this baby stork sack and wish I had had one when my guy was a newborn. This is a very simple knit. It's a great project to knit while watching a movie or at a family gathering. You really don't have to pay any attention to what you are doing because it is knit completely in the round. I doubled up on the yarn to make it extra warm for the chilly months to come. You can use this both indoors and out and it is great for stroller use.

I used Bernat Natural Cotton yarn, don't forget to double up for thickness! This yarn is both machine washable and dryable, great for baby's skin too!

Using size 15 circular needles cast on 50 stitches.

Knit in the round till the length measures about 17" ( you can alter the length depending on baby's age )

Decrease rows: For the last 3 rows, knit 1, knit 2 together.

Leave a long tail and weave through remaining stitches, pull snugly to draw in stitches and weave in all loose ends.


  1. I love this idea--and your pattern. Do you remember what your gauge was? I'm not familiar with this yarn, so the gauge would help. Either that, or could you provide the circumference of the cocoon?

    I'm really excited to knit this up. Thanks so much for posting this!


  2. Hi there, you will really enjoy this! I know that I did. :)
    Gauge=7st=3", 11 rows=3"
    Hope this helps, happy knitting!

  3. Hi,

    Love the pattern, thanks! Just wanted to confirm that you really used size 15 needles as the knit looks smaller than size 15 would yield. Could you confirm?

    Thanks much!

  4. I love these patterns but have been looking for one with a hood, i have no clue how to design do you think you would know how to amend the pattern?

  5. Susie KapelovitzMay 25, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    I too love the baby sacks and want a hood.
    I found one a few weeks ago on line and as I got up to fill the printer with paper I fell over my dog and ruptured a disk, had to go for back surgery and now confined to bed most of the time, can't find that pattern.
    It had a hood with an opening at the neck that was closed with three large colorful buttons.
    Maybe I can rework one of these paterns.

  6. Have you had any luck finding that pattern with the hood? I'd LOVE to see it and give it a try. I'm nearly finished knitting up your sack for my 3mos old baby nephew; it's such a fast, fun project, even nearly doubling the length as necessary for an older baby. This was my trial project before I start one for my own little guy who is expected in November. I'm going to do it in brown and add a little "acorn" cap for a cute fall theme for our birth announcement picture. :)

  7. Hi Betsy, Not yet! I have been really busy but haven't forgotten!!!

  8. I really like your pattern!! I was wondering if you could tell me how many skeins of yarn it took for this pattern?

  9. I love your hat Patterson for babies..do you sell any of them....the bulky ones are so cute.

  10. Thanks for the pattern! So I'm not super knowledgeable about knitting on a circular needle. How do you know what length of circular needle? Does it even matter? (haha...perhaps that reveals the degree of my inexperience!)

  11. Adorable! I've seen a lot of knitting patterns for babies and I think this is much better than baby wraps. Easy to follow steps, thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi, i have made a couple of these sacks for gifts and the new momma's love them! It has been a while and I can't remember how much yarn they take. Can you help me with this? Also, I used size 13 circular needles and the sizing was great. Thank you for this simple yet adorable pattern!