October 27, 2009

Free Pattern: Baby Headband

Here is a new pattern for everybody! This is probably the easiest so far, it is so basic the only stitch that is needed is the knit stitch. I love this because it is easily altered to fit any head size and you can use numerous different items to add to the band itself.

Size 5mm needles
Yarn used was worsted acrylic in purple
Cast on 70 stitches

Row 1-knit

Bind off
Secure the two ends of the band together.
You can add anything you want to make the headband look pretty, all I did was sew on a few fake flowers but you could knit something like a bow and add that instead.


  1. Great baby headband. I saw it posted on Knitting pattern central. I have a pattern I would like to post, but not sure how to get it on their website.

  2. I'm pretty sure I just went into contact and sent them an e-mail, She replied in no time!!! Really great site :)

  3. Wonderfully easy pattern for a beginner...and believe me, I've been a beginner for over a year now. Lol! Mind if I link this on my blog?

  4. Go right ahead and link! Thanks!!!

  5. This is wonderful, thank you. Really clear and simple directions for a beginner like me :) Do you just attach any pretty flowers or do you make the flowers yourself? If you make them yourself, how do you do it?

  6. How many stiches are there per inch? I'm not sure how many stiches i need to fit a 3-6 months.

  7. hi im so interested in doing this pattern but do you use a circular needle or double ended?

  8. Just wondering what age this is made for? Looking for something to fit 3-6 months old. Love the simplicity of this

  9. Could you please give me the length of the headband in inches for different sizes. I am making I-cord head bands for newborns and 3 year old. It would be helpful to know the length for all ages. I know there is considerable stretch.
    I am going to do this pattern also for variety, Thank you. Patti

  10. yes that would be great measurements for different ages, from newborn to 3 months, 3 months to 6 months, and so on. and widths. depending on yarn weights, a chart would be great.

  11. Thank you for this pattern. I was given a lot of yarn that I have made into hats for the homeless, sweaters for 3-8 yrs donated to a local food bank that helps out the needy, hats for babies and small children. I have a lot of small amounts of yarn left from all these projects and didn't know how I could use them. Your headband is the answer. I will be able to use every inch that I have and there will be babies around town looking a lot prittier and, hopefully, mom's just a little bit happier because there baby looks so cute wearing your headband.

  12. How simple & adorable is this! I love it